New to Kayley Skye Studio is the game-changing product, Evo Fabuloso Pro.


Our skilled hairdressers can now create any* custom colour that our clients want and add this to the already stunning styles our clients achieve.


Evo Fabuloso is “a colour enhancing conditioner that provides instant hair colour combined with a nourishing treatment to condition, repair, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour.”


The Kayley Skye Studio team have been experimenting with colours and ready for your request.


Let us know what colour you want and we’ll create it!


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*Some natural or starting hair colour may result in a different colour due to the chemistry in the hair. Please consult with your hairdresser before beginning the process.

Evo Fabuloso
Evo Fabuloso Pro
Fabuloso Custom Colour
Fabuloso Two Colours
Fabuloso Pink
Fabuloso Blue
Fabuloso Product