No longer do you have to worry about where the hair extensions are connected being more visible than your hair itself. WEFT Hair Extensions are sewn directly onto a track in your natural hair created by small sections of your natural hair and micro beads being linked to create a flat 'track' or 'row' which sits very flush against your scalp.

The silicone lining of the micro beads cushions and protects your natural hair from damage and prevents slippage of the extensions.

Advantages of WEFT Hair Extensions:

  • Most versatile and flexible on the market

  • There are a number of valid application methods and the Kayley Skye Studio can help you choose in an initial consultation

  • Perfect for adding length and/or volume

  • Quick to install and remove

  • Comfortable to wear and a more natural look

  • Less costly

  • Less maintenance

  • Double drawn hair